You’re going to give me everything I want

Running an intergalactic bimbotech company isn’t just brainwashing and drone sex, there’s a lot of office work too and later afternoon meetings are just the worst.

Who does this person think they are showing up unannounced? What’s this? You have a proposal for me? You want me to do what? Who are you? Hey! Get off me!

Vantrin introduces a new comer.. someone who can make Maiden’s knees weak. Will they get what they want from Maiden?

Content Warnings

This track includes a tense situation in which Maiden has her will forced away in a struggle. This file has:

– Slapping
– Mild violence
– Manipulation
– Degradation
– Mild themes of non consent

Keep in mind, this is a fantasy. And myself and all the actors involved consented to the content here.

Everything in the track is directed at Maiden only. It’s an installment on the Maiden Lore.

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