Why would you want to go to space? There’s no nailpolish in space?

AI…it’s the solution to all our problems. It will be the corner stone of Maiden Industries, the BimboTech Company that will one day rule the galaxy, but first the prototype -SQUEEX, built from a former bimbo slave.

What could go wrong.

Squeex is an immersive fantasy file and prequel to Chipset Melted. Mind Maiden creates an AI called SQUEEX in the likeness of one of her former slaves. Things take a turn when the AI has unexpected opinions about her life choices.

Content Warnings

Themes include:

– Scary background sound effects
– Themes of misogyny kink
– Traditional gender roles
– AI enslavement
– Mind control
– Bimbofication & IQ play
– Sci-fi
-ASMR style responses

As always, listen responsibly!

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