Congratulations. Maiden Industries has selected you for mandatory assimilation.

Spectra is a file about how Maiden is brainwashing special drones to build her empire. Things take an interesting turn when a familiar voice comes in a transmission. It could be none other than ChaosDoll Creator of drones.

Maiden, ChaosDoll, and Squeex take you on a dronification journey you wont soon forget when you become one with



Content Warnings

Spectra has heavy realism in the setting. It’s very cinematic in nature.

It can be pretty believable, thus I need to be forward about what this has in it.


-Wake up and then Sedation
-Binding (being stuck in a cryopod)
-Gas lighting
-Intense Brainwash
-Non consent
-Multiple Hive Voices whispering things
-Stereo sounds that make the listener feel like they are there
-No wake up at end
-Uncomfortable depictions of a “Hive Mind”
-ASMR style responses
-Intense Realism

Informed Consent is important to me. These files are fun for me to create and share with all of you.

But your safety and Consent in this means a great deal to me.

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