Build your own doll and companion. Make your fantasies come to life.

Maiden industries is proud to show off their new revolutionary product the personal switch companion!

The product itself is a discrete and painless switch implanted at the base of the neck. Let SweetTey talk you through all the features, and the simple, and highly affordable, process of having the switch installed.

This file is a demo of this cybernetic mechanism starring famous actress Alice Cheshire (played by SweetTey!) and Mind Maiden! The switch allows you to switch someones mind between submissive and dominant on command! This file wouldn’t be possible without the co-writing and lovely vocal talent of SweetTey

Content Warnings

This file has themes of:

– Submission
– Switching
– Intense sound effects
– Dehumanizing & Degrading language
– Fantasies of brainwashing
– consensual non-consent
– talk of surgical augmentation of neck

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