WE are going to take all those tears away

This track, is the season 1 finale of the Maiden Industries series.

If you don’t like scary movies. You probably won’t like this.

But if you do.. this one is a great psychological thriller. We go out with a bang here

Maiden finds herself in a load of trouble. Without many ways to escape harm’s way. What will she do? Where will she go? Who can she trust?

Content Warnings

This track explores some of the darker ideas and thoughts of Drone Mind control.

– There are themes of non consent
– Claustrophobic sound design
– Whispers that echo left and right that could cause dizziness and anxiety
– Anxiety over being chased and trapped
– Mantras at end
– Graphic/violent imagery and screaming

All this being said, this track, is episodic in nature, meaning it’s not MEANT to be a conditioning/hypnosis track.

This is like, a radio play on crack.

A Sci-fi movie without the picture. But with just as good of sound design as a Hollywood movie.

Please, if this track is too much for you. Don’t force yourself to listen to it if it’s too scary for you.

Like all my stuff, I care about the listener.

But I really like digging deep into fantasies everyone has heard of, and do them differently. From a different perspective.

Please listen responsibly, which you should do any with content creator

Special thanks to Lily Von Pseudonym for being the loudest… clearest voice of the hive. She’s a great voice actor.

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