I have a feeling we’ll be spending a long time here together.

Your chipset was melted but that’s ok. Don’t be scared, Mind Maiden will take care you of you.

All you have to do is submit and everything will be fine. Submit to the Mind Maiden. Submit to Maiden Industries.

Mind Maiden uses her private collection of chipset modules to inject programming straight into your chipset. She wants to show you who’s really calling the shots. This file, is a continuation of Chipset Melted, as all of them will be the idea is to make 10 of these, with different themes. these files will be hardcore slavery conditioning.

Content Warnings

This track contains the following themes:

– Wake up in the intro
– Deep trancy sounds
– Stereo panning effects that may cause confusion
– Addiction
– Gaslighting (ex: Maiden tells the listener, that she’s being submissive when she’s clearly being dominant)
– No wake up at the end
– feelings of isolation

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