I wander these halls…waiting for you.

You’re on a spaceship, blissfully unaware of the world around you as you cryospleep your way through the galaxy.

But Maiden has other plans for you. She awakens you. You’ve been asleep for years. You have no idea what’s happening, so she explains it to you. She’s here to help. She’s here to explain. She’s hear to melt your chipset…and take control.

This track is a first person sci-fi fantasy file where maiden melts your mind while instructing you to cum/edge to melt your chipset for Maiden. This track is gender neutral. For the best experience be sure to listen with stereo headphones.


Content Warnings

Chipset Melted is a fantasy file where Maiden wakes up the listener from a cryostate. And begins to make them touch themselves.

Themes include:

– Wake up in the intro
– Deep trancy sounds
– Stereo panning effects that may cause confusion
– Addiction
-Gaslighting (ex: Maiden tells the listener, that she’s being submissive when she’s clearly being dominant)
– No wake up at the end
-feelings of isolation

Please Mindkink responsibly

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