In unity we are whole. In unity we are one.

Behold! The Unity Matrix…

A space in which all forms of thought and emotion come together.

To strengthen each other, To create and achieve.

Chaos Doll was awesome enough to let us share this file on our patreon as well as hers! If you like well mixed and awesome files then be sure to take a look at her patreon:

Content Warnings

The following is Chaos Doll’s CW

A new collaboration between Chaos Doll, Maiden, Squeex, Strike Thanatos and a handful of friends from the Hypnotic Design Lab discord server. This file is designed to encourage collective thought and constructive collaboration. Love is the attainment of perfection. Embrace unity. Become one.

Like all Chaos Doll collaborations, this file is offered freely, Sit back, relax and listen. This file makes extensive use of the stereo field and is best experienced with quality headphones or full range stereo speakers at a moderate to low volume.

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