I can’t beleive they fell for our plan.

We’ve got some bad news. Your brain is too full. Luckily, there is a treatment and a special facility…and drugs. Lots of drugs.

Doctor Subject and Nurse Maiden will get to work right away. Just breathe in the gas and let them do their work. Just breathe. You’re in very good hands.

This track is a super dark track scripted by The Secret Subject, and Produced by Mind Melted Maiden. If you want to hear more of her check out her website:


Content Warnings


This track contains non consent (subject is taken, and bimbofied)

Trigger that brings you back to the emotional state the track invokes

– Forced drugging via gas mask
– Gaslighting
– Domination
– Degradation
– Humiliation
– Dehumanization
– Bimbofication
– Suggestions of IQ reduction

Please remember that this is a fantasy and that using tracks responsibly is absolutely a necessity.

Fantasy Mind Maiden files can feel very real. if you find yourself overwhelmed and it’s too much, remove the headphones, and put your feet flat

On the floor and take some deep breaths. it’s a good way to center yourself.

Please take care of yourselves, and happy kinking

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