They gave us a button. It made our brains, like, dumber.

They gave Bouncy Bubbly a button. She probably shouldn’t have pressed it. It made her tits bigger. It made her brains dumber. It made everything sparkly.

You have a button too.

Will you press it?

Bim Button is a new track featuring the lovely Bouncy Bubbly. She attempts to explain what this bim button does when you press it. but it seems like shes pressed the button too many times and became a dum dum she teaches you all how to press the bim button too

Content Warnings

This track has themes of:

– IQ reduction
– Trancy Language
– ASMR responses
– Bimbofication
– Feminization
– Addiction (wanting to press the button again)
– Conditioned thoughts about wanting to become a dum dum (LOL)

Please listen responsibly! 18+

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