I’m the good voice. I’m the fun voice. Just submit and be done.

You don’t want to be a mindless bimbo. Think of your career. Think of what people would say. You have the potential to be someone. Listen to your guardian angel.

No. She’s gas lighting you. She wants to put you in societies box. Think of how hot you could be. Think about how much fun you could have. Give in.

Angel and Demon is a collaborative fantasy file featuring The Secret Subject . This file portrays the push and pull of feelings via the idea that a demon is trying to force bimbofication on you, and the Angel is trying talk you into not being corrupted and feminized.

Content Warnings

This file has themes of:

– Gaslighting: from the demon towards the angel
– Bimbofication
– Feminization
– ASMR style sound responses
– Feelings of being pushed and pulled different directions
– Modified thinking
– Trancing and conditioning may occur in the Bimbofication direction

Please like any of my content, listen responsibly and in a quiet space.

Stereo spacialized sound as always!

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