Make your fantasies a reality with my collection of professionally mixed conditioning & hypnosis tracks. Featuring themes of bimbofication,feminization and more. Sample some of my free brainwashing tracks below.
Mind Maiden
Bimbo Hospital ft TheSecretSubject

Bimbo Hospital ft TheSecretSubject

I can’t beleive they fell for our plan.

We’ve got some bad news. Your brain is too full. Luckily, there is a treatment and a special facility…and drugs. Lots of drugs.

Doctor Subject and Nurse Maiden will get to work right away. Just breathe in the gas and let them do their work. Just breathe. You’re in very good hands.

This track is a super dark track scripted by The Secret Subject, and Produced by Mind Melted Maiden. If you want to hear more of her check out her website:

Content Warnings


This track contains non consent (subject is taken, and bimbofied)

Trigger that brings you back to the emotional state the track invokes

– Forced drugging via gas mask
– Gaslighting
– Domination
– Degradation
– Humiliation
– Dehumanization
– Bimbofication
– Suggestions of IQ reduction

Please remember that this is a fantasy and that using tracks responsibly is absolutely a necessity.

Fantasy Mind Maiden files can feel very real. if you find yourself overwhelmed and it’s too much, remove the headphones, and put your feet flat

On the floor and take some deep breaths. it’s a good way to center yourself.

Please take care of yourselves, and happy kinking

Angel and Demon

Angel and Demon

I’m the good voice. I’m the fun voice. Just submit and be done.

You don’t want to be a mindless bimbo. Think of your career. Think of what people would say. You have the potential to be someone. Listen to your guardian angel.

No. She’s gas lighting you. She wants to put you in societies box. Think of how hot you could be. Think about how much fun you could have. Give in.

Angel and Demon is a collaborative fantasy file featuring The Secret Subject . This file portrays the push and pull of feelings via the idea that a demon is trying to force bimbofication on you, and the Angel is trying talk you into not being corrupted and feminized.

Content Warnings

This file has themes of:

– Gaslighting: from the demon towards the angel
– Bimbofication
– Feminization
– ASMR style sound responses
– Feelings of being pushed and pulled different directions
– Modified thinking
– Trancing and conditioning may occur in the Bimbofication direction

Please like any of my content, listen responsibly and in a quiet space.

Stereo spacialized sound as always!

Bim Button

Bim Button

They gave us a button. It made our brains, like, dumber.

They gave Bouncy Bubbly a button. She probably shouldn’t have pressed it. It made her tits bigger. It made her brains dumber. It made everything sparkly.

You have a button too.

Will you press it?

Bim Button is a new track featuring the lovely Bouncy Bubbly. She attempts to explain what this bim button does when you press it. but it seems like shes pressed the button too many times and became a dum dum she teaches you all how to press the bim button too

Content Warnings

This track has themes of:

– IQ reduction
– Trancy Language
– ASMR responses
– Bimbofication
– Feminization
– Addiction (wanting to press the button again)
– Conditioned thoughts about wanting to become a dum dum (LOL)

Please listen responsibly! 18+

Chaos Doll Unity Matrix ft Mind Maiden and Friends

Chaos Doll Unity Matrix ft Mind Maiden and Friends

In unity we are whole. In unity we are one.

Behold! The Unity Matrix…

A space in which all forms of thought and emotion come together.

To strengthen each other, To create and achieve.

Chaos Doll was awesome enough to let us share this file on our patreon as well as hers! If you like well mixed and awesome files then be sure to take a look at her patreon:

Content Warnings

The following is Chaos Doll’s CW

A new collaboration between Chaos Doll, Maiden, Squeex, Strike Thanatos and a handful of friends from the Hypnotic Design Lab discord server. This file is designed to encourage collective thought and constructive collaboration. Love is the attainment of perfection. Embrace unity. Become one.

Like all Chaos Doll collaborations, this file is offered freely, Sit back, relax and listen. This file makes extensive use of the stereo field and is best experienced with quality headphones or full range stereo speakers at a moderate to low volume.

Maiden Industries
Once upon a time in an off the rails parallel timeline, Maiden started a space company and aimed to take over the universe. Follow her efforts in our premiere sci-fi audio series featuring bimbos, drones, brainwashing machines, nail polish and more!
Maiden Industries


Why would you want to go to space? There’s no nailpolish in space?

AI…it’s the solution to all our problems. It will be the corner stone of Maiden Industries, the BimboTech Company that will one day rule the galaxy, but first the prototype -SQUEEX, built from a former bimbo slave.

What could go wrong.

Squeex is an immersive fantasy file and prequel to Chipset Melted. Mind Maiden creates an AI called SQUEEX in the likeness of one of her former slaves. Things take a turn when the AI has unexpected opinions about her life choices.

Content Warnings

Themes include:

– Scary background sound effects
– Themes of misogyny kink
– Traditional gender roles
– AI enslavement
– Mind control
– Bimbofication & IQ play
– Sci-fi
-ASMR style responses

As always, listen responsibly!

Maiden Industries Commercial

Maiden Industries Commercial

I beleive in Maiden Industries. Do you?

This track is an in universe commercial for Maiden Industries. Innovation you can feel.

This track has no hypnotic suggestions or conditioning. It’s a bit different and a bit more musical than the normal stuff so I hope you dig it!

Content Warnings

Chipset Melted

Chipset Melted

I wander these halls…waiting for you.

You’re on a spaceship, blissfully unaware of the world around you as you cryospleep your way through the galaxy.

But Maiden has other plans for you. She awakens you. You’ve been asleep for years. You have no idea what’s happening, so she explains it to you. She’s here to help. She’s here to explain. She’s hear to melt your chipset…and take control.

This track is a first person sci-fi fantasy file where maiden melts your mind while instructing you to cum/edge to melt your chipset for Maiden. This track is gender neutral. For the best experience be sure to listen with stereo headphones.


Content Warnings

Chipset Melted is a fantasy file where Maiden wakes up the listener from a cryostate. And begins to make them touch themselves.

Themes include:

– Wake up in the intro
– Deep trancy sounds
– Stereo panning effects that may cause confusion
– Addiction
-Gaslighting (ex: Maiden tells the listener, that she’s being submissive when she’s clearly being dominant)
– No wake up at the end
-feelings of isolation

Please Mindkink responsibly

Spectra ft Chaos Doll

Spectra ft Chaos Doll

Congratulations. Maiden Industries has selected you for mandatory assimilation.

Spectra is a file about how Maiden is brainwashing special drones to build her empire. Things take an interesting turn when a familiar voice comes in a transmission. It could be none other than ChaosDoll Creator of drones.

Maiden, ChaosDoll, and Squeex take you on a dronification journey you wont soon forget when you become one with



Content Warnings

Spectra has heavy realism in the setting. It’s very cinematic in nature.

It can be pretty believable, thus I need to be forward about what this has in it.


-Wake up and then Sedation
-Binding (being stuck in a cryopod)
-Gas lighting
-Intense Brainwash
-Non consent
-Multiple Hive Voices whispering things
-Stereo sounds that make the listener feel like they are there
-No wake up at end
-Uncomfortable depictions of a “Hive Mind”
-ASMR style responses
-Intense Realism

Informed Consent is important to me. These files are fun for me to create and share with all of you.

But your safety and Consent in this means a great deal to me.

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